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My formal "Hello" post

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Hello all!

This isn't my first post but I thought I'd announce my presence in the proper place!

I just bought a 2016 CR-V Touring for my wife on Memorial Day. It's really our first Honda. We wanted a non-turbo car preferably in white or silver with a light interior. My wife also wanted to sit up high after driving a Mercedes Benz C230 sports sedan. We found a white one with beige interior with only 15,500 miles on it so we jumped at it even though we had to drive four hours to get it. My wive loves it and we still have a lot to learn about how to take advantage of all the cool gee-gaws. So far we've gotten our cell phones paired to the car, programed the Homelink garage door opener, and figured how to turn on the radio!

I'll be seeing you around on the forum!
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Your FIRST Honda? Well sit back and experience why many of us have been happy Honda owners for many-Many years.

And NO, I'm not an exclusive Honda fan-boy; I've also owned several other imports AND numerous Ford trucks.

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Welcome. If wondering, I'm not a "fan" of turbo engines either.

If wondering, I got a "2014 CR-V Touring" in bright white and love it. For my needed, I applied a few mandatory mods. Mods (DIY upgrades) you may want to apply as well.

  • Replace its H4 Halogen front driving bulbs with H4 LED bulbs.
  • Replace its factory H11 Halogen FOG bulbs with H11 LED bulbs (rated for fogs / DRLs).
  • Connect its factory H11 bulbs (with seperate H11 connectors) to its Rear Wiper fuse via Add-A-Fuse. Thus, allowing its FOG lights to be on with its front H4 High Beams. IMO, this should be factory build.
  • Install 20mm lift kit - which raises the vehicle 1-1.5" higher. Higher off the ground is gentler on older age backs and further away from the snow (sand / salt) and water splashes. And, it aligns its CV joints as well - which means less wear.
  • If installing a trailer hitch (for bike rack or towing things < 1,500 lbs), reminder to install Class a III hitch as well. Thus, getting the stronger 2x2 hitch opening - which is very strong.

Hope these ideas help.

Again... Welcome....

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Thanks '99. I worry about turbos in general. I fear that they put extra stress on the engine not to mention the cost if a turbo or wastegate fails. Most new cars seem to have small turbo motors so I may be too cautious but I would really prefer a V-6. When I read about the oil dilution problem that seems to primarily inflict the turbo motors, I was even more glad to have a normally aspirated motor.

I still have to take some more time to see exactly what I have but I do have the LED headlights. I take a look at everything else. I appreciate the suggestions!
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