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since buying it I've had to

Fit a second hand replacement engine
Break disks and pads
Cat and cat back exhaust
New brake lines front to back
Complete fuel lines
Timing belt
New oil pump
PCV valve

Since buying it I've treated it to

Chrome mirror caps
Cone filter and chrome intake pipe
I painted the rocker cover with red wrinkle paint
Side steps and rear bar
Double din Kenwood dvd/satnav head unit
Car specific window shades for all rear windows
Large diameter tail pipe
Black leather seats with crv stiched in all the seats (from a breakers yard so don't know if they are Honda or a set that's been custom made)
Integra style gear knob
5" fog lamps
Hand stiched a black leather steering wheel cover
Tailgate spoiler

That's the first 7 months of ownership
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