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My Taffeta White 2011 SE (many pics!)

Finally had time to wash and wax my new CR-V and decided to do a photoshoot before it gets dirty again. Hope you enjoy them...

More pics (click on each picture to view in full-size)...

I decided to only lightly mod it. Here is what I've done (click on links for more info on a particular mod)...
- front splash guards
- chrome rear license plate frame
- debadged "CR-V" emblem
- manually polished the OEM exhaust tip
- engine cover
- V-LEDS LED license plate bulb
- Sylvania XtraVision headlight bulbs
- anti-corrosion battery washers
- convex blind spot mirror
- VIN etching on windows (used a $25 D.I.Y. kit)
- OEM wheel locks
- stainless steel locking license plate fasteners
- Weathertech DigitalFit FloorLiners and cargo mat (gray)
- retractable rear cargo cover
- V-LEDS LED map and dome lights
- variable speed intermittent wipers
- Heatshield sunshade
- Dynamat Xtreme sound dampening and Dynaxorb pads
- ROLA trunk organizer
- Scotchgard interior ($5 can)
Sound System:
- Polk Audio db6501 6.5" component speakers (front) and db651 6.5" coaxial speakers (rear)
- JL Audio CP108LG-W3v3 8" enclosed subwoofer
- JL Audio XD400/4 4-channel amp
- Audiocontrol LC2i line output converter

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Nice pictures!!! I also got the same CRV SE just 2 days ago :) Where did you buy the cargo dual-deck shelf? I'm looking to get one as well.

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WOW!! the paint looks awsome! :) :eek:
Yeah, it is a very high quality paint job. I'm anal and looked it over with a fine tooth comb when I waxed the car and didn't see any flaws anywhere. No orange peel or drips anywhere. Even the paint that is visible inside the engine compartment and door jams is flawless. It was made in Japan, if that matters.

However, there were a few small "splotches" of clear coat here and there on the front fenders, hood, and roof. Luckily, these came off completely with rubbing alcohol and a little bit of scratching with my fingernail. It scared me at first because it initially looked like brushed on touch up paint, as if someone was trying to cover up blemishes.

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Nice pictures. I noticed that front floor mats are different than those I got from dealer, are those from Honda or some third party?
Those are the Weathertec Floor Liners.

They have been discussed many times on this forum.

Clink on the link posted under the pictures below.
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