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Need a TPS Recalibration--anyone avail to help?

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Well, I've been banging out some maintenance the last week or so and after cleaning my TB I now have erratic idle and a MIL--posting this in a couple threads.

I, of course, did the idle relearn to no avail. After reading around here, 8th Gen Civic, I'm realizing what's going on with the DBW system and the TB.

Does anyone have a Bidirectional scan tool to perform the TPS Recalibration? I'll come to you and buy you lunch or a 6-pack; your choice :)

I'm in LA area--Hermosa Beach.
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Are you sure that's the issue because disconnecting the battery for a bit fixes it normally. Pretty good chance however you have a vacuum leak. Simply cleaning the throttle body wont change anything, but taking it off and putting it back in can cause a list of issues.

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I am--disconnecting the battery is part of the Idle Relearn procedure. It did not fix the issue.

There are a litany of complaints regarding this very issue after this specific action.

I did not remove the TB, only cleaned it by hand with carb cleaner on a was filthy, so I'm quite confident that the TB plenum's angle has changed from all the grit that was removed. When reattaching the air filter hoses to the TB, I cleaned all the mating surfaces, seated everything fully and fastened the hose clamps with greater tension than they were before the clean.

Thank you for attempting to troubleshoot with me though! I'll triple-check my work tomorrow with fresh eyes, but I'm pretty certain that my next step should be to seek out a TPS recalibration.
Ya double check all that stuff first. I've done a fair amount of work on k series engines and have seen recalibrations needed but pretty rare from my experience so far. Idle does get weird for a bit but comes out of it in a few minutes usually. simply wiping things out shouldnt have mattered. Not so say the process of cleaning didnt cause something to go out of calibration. Also recommend running it up to temp, driving it and so on. Computer SHOULD be able to relearn.

Just somethings to try before going through the trouble of recalibrating (which someone who doesnt know what they are doing can make issues worse not better).

One thing I hate about drive by wire by some manufacturers, WAY TOO FINICKY.

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Will do. I drove it around for 20 minutes to get it up to temp, then did the Idle Relearn--disconnect battery x15 mins, reconnect, hold key at II position for 2 seconds, idle at 3k until fan comes on, then normal idle x5 minutes (fan time not included). I gave up after that, didn't drive around any more when the idle didn't normalize... so I'll report back manana!

Fingers crossed, hopefully finicky has a steep learning curve :) Hoping she normalizes with a drive tomorrow (shrugs).

Will report back
So, I checked everything this AM--everything was buttoned up nicely. I drove to the post office, and 4 shops to test the Dx waters. I'd say I was driving around for about 90 minutes, def up to operating temps with mixed driving, stop lights, and up to 50 mph. It would still hold ~30 mph without throttle input, idle at ~950 RPM and surge at shift points.

The TPS calibration took ~30 mins with ~15 mins dedicated to the post ECU/PCM reset and Idle Relearn, another 8ish minutes were to find the right functions/menus in the Snap-On. $50 later, the idle is sitting at 650 RPM with ~10-20 RPM fluctuations and the TPS sits at ~12% at idle vs ~17% before the procedure. It appears to be back to normal.
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