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I'm planning to buy this 2003 Honda CRV AT from a relative. The history of this was it was bought from a buy and sell car dealer. After a few months it had a problem with leakage causing it to overheat. It was sent to a mechanic and the cylinder head gasket was replaced. Then after a few weeks it still have the same problem soo the mechanic replaced the cylinder head and the gasket. This costed around $1,200usd (converted from our currency) in repair. The mechanic advised to have it break in for 1,000kms and have it tuned up after that. Right now the initial acceleration feels lacking (not sure how to describe it), but after that initial acceleration everything is normal. The mechanic told my relative it should be gone after the tune up. I'm near the 1000km break in period (around 600km already) I was lucky because my relative wants me to use the car for a month to try it and then decide. I have driven it for 500km last week. And so far no leaks (just looking at the water levels in radiator and coolant).

I really want to get this car, but if this will give me problems very soon with major expenses then I would just let it go. My thought is that the problems have been fixed by the owner but someone told me that once the engine overheated it will be very risky as the sealing wont be that good compared to the factory.

Any thoughts?

P.S. I am not very knowledgeable with cars so if I said something technically wrong please correct me.
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