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This is a long story, but I`ll try to make it as short at possible..
(Norwegian, so sorry for my bad english...)

I Have a CRV 2007, with abs/vsa lamp on.

Pulled codes at a local dealer, saying open og short circut rear left ( bad sensor we believed then... )
New sensor mounted, same code coming back ! DTC code 17 !

tested and checked wires between sensor and vsa unit, and everything ok !.
Had only one thing left to test, the vsa unit (abs sentral). So bought a used one, and mounted it.
Checked again, and NO CODE !... GREAT !..

But then, after a little test drive a new code is pulled ! DTC 66 pressure sensor. ! :(
What to do???

I dont have HDS tool to read codes, i have a utel mot pro 908.......

I did not change the complete abs sentral, i only changed the electric side ( the hydraulic side inc pump, is the same ) could this give me a 66 fault?
I have tried to read some post, that its nessascery to calibrate the central ??? have not done that.... could that give me code 66 ?....
Or did i buy a used central, that already was ****ed !! ???.....

Hope someone have any ideas, this car drive me crazy !.....
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