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Need some input

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Ive worked on cars for years , run a shop n have the past 10+yrs. I have a 03 CRV all stock suspension. I just traded for it recently n it's n need of struts all way around badly. I've owned countless crvs for years , won't buy anything else to b honest. I've always wanted to maybe lift one an inch or 2, and/or some mud tires. The only suspension work personally ever worked on is all stock. Crazy to work on cars as long as I have n never done any aftermarket suspension. I'm looking for ideas what to do w/o going all out n changing Axel's etc.... I know if u go too much it'll strain bearings, gear boxes etc... If anyone's got any ideas please send them my way, also I'm not trying to spend crazy $$
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Welcome to the forum! I highly recommend you not waste the time and money. The CR-V was not designed or intended to be for off-road use. Common sense will tell you that any mods to any suspension will put undue stress on other suspension parts. That's hard enough on newer vehicles, but on older ones it's just doesn't seem wise, to me. And it won't make a CR-V more capable. If I wanted to do this, I'd go find a nice 2001 Jeep Cherokee, which actually has the potential to benefit from such mods, and can be made more capable. I actually had a '97 and did this. Had a ball and enjoyed the whole experience. In fact, I wore it out! That's my two cents.
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