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Ive worked on cars for years , run a shop n have the past 10+yrs. I have a 03 CRV all stock suspension. I just traded for it recently n it's n need of struts all way around badly. I've owned countless crvs for years , won't buy anything else to b honest. I've always wanted to maybe lift one an inch or 2, and/or some mud tires. The only suspension work personally ever worked on is all stock. Crazy to work on cars as long as I have n never done any aftermarket suspension. I'm looking for ideas what to do w/o going all out n changing Axel's etc.... I know if u go too much it'll strain bearings, gear boxes etc... If anyone's got any ideas please send them my way, also I'm not trying to spend crazy $$
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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