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Wsup, Everyone!

I want to introduce myself to the CRV community!
I am Sean and recently picked up my 2005 Honda CRV SE RT4WD as of 7/02/11 yay! :)
A soon to be an addition to the family made me decide to get a CRV.
I've been in the honda world for as long as I can remember, with that said working with hondas is nothing new to me, but CRV chassis is definitely something I'm looking forward to learn about and work on as the day goes...

I am in SoCal and hoping to meet new faces in the CRV world to share and gain knowledge about these little badass SUV's.

Also, some may recognize me or my user from the other forums such as,NWP4LIFE, Honda-Tech, Club4age, Em1Krew etc.

-Sean /FF-sean/ Emomob

I Introduce to you "Stella"

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