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New 1st Gen Owner

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Hello everyone! I just bought my first CR-V. It's a 2WD Gem 1.5(I think its 1.5 lmk if I'm wrong). I bought the car for my second car which will be used as my DD. I have 2019 Ram and was paying around $350 a month just in gas. I drive about 50 mins to work and then 50 minutes home each day, so not only was I spending a ton in gas but racking up the miles on my new ram. So, I got this little CR-V at a good price in order to save some money on gas each month. In about 6 months I'll make my money back! What I know is that it has 201,000 on the body and around 30-35k on the b20 motor that was installed. Today I did the oil change and looked over the entire thing figuring out what I need to get her ready for the road. It currently is sitting on 18in accord wheels that the previous owner put on(they are rubbing bad), he also put on what look to be like maxpeedingrods coil overs which the front drivers side strut is shot and will need to be replaced. So I found a new stock suspension with the coil spring assembly and all for $182, which I think I'm going to buy. It also needs a rack and pinion, as well as rear brake shoes. Since these wheels are way too big I'm going to try and find a decent set of wheels for a good price since its just a DD, I'm thinking 17x6.5 or 17.7 for the wheels and 225/55R/17 or 215/55R/17 for the tires(let me know if that's a decent set up for the stock suspension). Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself and I will be posting pics of the progression my project DD aka The Blue Wombat. Thanks for reading and hope to hear from some of you!! I'll have some pics of when I picked up the car and pics of the interior after I detailed it.

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