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I've had it for a month now. It's OK. But last night I parked my CRV in a large shopping center parking lot to return and find all the windows down. So needless to say I'm not that very impressed with Honda. When I found out Honda has known about this problem for three years and refuses to do anything about it, I'm even less impressed.

I found the reason on here and other forums, so I thought I ought to join up just in case someone finds a cure.
Do you have the same animosity when you butt dial your phone too??? Because that is effectively what you did with your Fob here.

You may not agree, but Honda does not see an issue here.... and it is working as intended. It's a deliberate feature on the Fob.... and it is possible to jam the button on your Fob in your pocket or purse and trigger the event.

Personally, I do feel they should let the owner turn the feature off in the vehicle settings if they choose to... but that's the limit of any needed action in my view.

Get a Fob cover, as suggested above, and put the Fob in a separate pocket or (or if a purse.. a separate pocket) and eliminate accidentally holding down the button "butt dial" fashion.
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