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Greetings! I just purchased a 2019 CR-V EX-L after the transmission failed on my 2000 Accord (sad day). Everything seemed to fall into place on this deal: I had some major work done on the Accord in the summer, signs that the days might be numbered on this vehicle. I looked at what was out there and drove a few cars. The dealer tried to get me to buy then, but I wasn’t ready.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago I started hearing this “metallic grinding” coming from the front of the Accord. I almost kept driving on it but something told me tat I should take it in. When I drove you they said that they couldn’t look at it that day and they gave me a loaner. Was was the model? You guessed it, a 2019 CR-V LX. As the service tech was taking my info he said that he would text me when there was word about the repairs. Right as I was standing in the service bay I received a call, from the dealer! I asked if they were testing the system and they told me that they had no idea who it was. When I answered it was the same salesperson that I had talked to in the summer, just checking to see if I was in the market (ok, you don’t have to tell me twice!) I looked at a few models but since I was driving the CR-V LX I got used to it. It drove well, I liked the room because I’m pretty tall, and I had some difficulty in the snow last winter. I shopped around online looking for the best deal and then asked if the dealer that had my Accord could match or do better, since I already had a relationship with them, and they were close by. They actually did a little bit better, I’ll break it down in the 2019 buyer’s thread.

My first impressions of the I4 Turbo was that there wasn’t much in the engine compartment when I opened the hood. I had read that some people were complaining that it was underpowered; I went on a local state highway and put my foot into it . . . And it went! I don’t know what the complaints were about, but unless you’re dragging with a Mustang or a ZR-1 I think there’s plenty of power to get you to highway speeds. I didn’t know about the oil dilution problem, but when I noticed that the engine took a while to get to normal operating temperature because the tach rarely gets above 2000 RPMs. I think that this would lend plenty of opportunity for the cross contamination. I’ll be looking out for a posted recall or fix if one is derived. I’ll also keep you posted on problems, if any.

There is an extreme learning curve coming from driving a 2000 Accord and I’ll be asking plenty of questions. I look forward to sharing stories and experiences with all of you and am glad to be part of the fold!
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