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I have been a long time Odyssey owner... and looking for a CR-V as an additional family car.

I was originally looking for a used 2015 CR-V, but that for some reason the 2015 model lost a star in the NHTSA crash ratings. 2014 and 2013 had 5 stars as well as 2016, but 2015 got only 4. My understanding is that the CR-V has been the same for the last few years without any major changes... can anyone tell me why the 2015's got a lower rating? I did some searches on here but did not find any threads on this.

Also, is the 2017 out now or coming out soon? I am trying to determine when they will start dealing on 2016 models. From what I have read on here, it appears that Tourings can go for around 4300 off MSRP and LX for about 3000 of MSRP... I assume the other models are somewhere in between... I would actually like a low mileage 2015 if I could get it in the 15-17K range...

Being new to the CR-V word, I would appreciate any advice you could throw my way.

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