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I mispoke. I understand they're all black. (I'm good w/that.) My question is that it looks like the heated steering wheels seem to have different part numbers for the '17/'18 and '19. I wonder if the difference is in the heating part or in the wheel itself. I mean, if the wheel itself (which is what I'm after) is identical from '17-'19 (other than the lack of heating elements), it's all good. I'll get the $75 unit on eBay and do the job myself. If the '19 wheel is different (different number of splines?), that limits my options.

I don't have a garage so I don't care about Homelink. I only care about the auto dimming function. I'm not sure I'm up to runninbg wiring all the way down the A pillar. I was hoping there would be someplace in the overhead console to plug into.

As always, I appreciate everyones help.

Seems like I read on this forum that the 19's have a different volume control switch/slider on the left side of the steering wheel. Did a quick search but didn't find it. Perhaps this is why the 19 has a different part number? Just a guess, and based only on a questionable memory of another post.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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