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New CR-V, what should I get for it?

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Hi friends - I drove a 2010 Honda Insight off the lot new in 2010 (and nearly into the ground with 210,926 miles!) then just a few days ago traded up to a 2021 CR-V EX w/ AWD.

I got a lot of value out of the Honda Insight forums as I diagnosed various things over the years so I am excited to be here in the CR-V forum, looking forward to learning a lot here.

My big question: What have you bought for your CR-V? How do you like it?

I'm thinking of mats, fob covers, seat covers, cargo liners, racks, phone mounts, organizers, etc. I added a few things to my Insight over time (seat covers, steering wheel cover, phone mount, hitch receiver, studded-snow tires, etc) and I figure it makes more sense to make some of these upgrades now so I can enjoy them longer and/or protect my new purchase. I plan to drive this thing for at least another 210,926 miles and am wondering what folks have bought (that they like!) to help them enjoy or protect their car the way I'm trying to.

I have already added:
  • Honda roof rails since I'll use the roof for cargo eventually and so they'd be included in my 3/36,000
  • High-wall Honda mats since they seemed nicer than WeatherTech
  • DrawTite 2" hitch receiver for my bike rack
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Welcome and congrats on your new ride!

So far all I have added to mine is OEM SS tailpipe extensions, cargo net and these inserts that fit into all the little cubbies in the car. They fit like a glove too.
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