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Hello all,
As the title suggests I am a total noob here, for the last few years I have been a Land Rover Discovery II TD5 owner however the death of my beloved truck has coincided with the birth of my first son, leaving me with no work horse to gather/get rid of building materials for the house we are renovating and battling to fit the car seat for the baby into the wife's Jimny, which is an f**kin nightmare for anyone who hasn't had the joy of trying to do so! What brings me to the CR-V is finally taking the advice of a couple of friends of mine, one a petrol head who like me spent years shoveling money into a landy that might as well run on £50 notes who picked up a Gen I CR-V at auction for £300 just as a winter run around, fell in love with it part ex-d it and his Skoda estate for a lovely shiny new one (which rescued and towed home the 3 tone Disco) and the other an agricultural mechanic who swears by the CR-V and using the money other people have paid him to keep Land Rovers running, owns two a Gen II and Gen IV. So on the 1st of April (lucky I'm not superstitious) I will be picking up my 07 plate CR-V 2.2 i-CTDi Sport to fill the gap of work horse/ family car. Just as a heads up expect the usual "whats this bit" "where is the" and traditonal "Whats the biggest tire I can put on my truck" type questions. I was on the LandyZone forum (BlueBeauty not to be confused with BlueBeastie) whilst I had the Disco and found it a treasure trove of info and advice plus got chatting to some great peeps over the years, I'm hoping to find the same sort of thing here. We live just between Carlisle and Penrith in the Lake District if anyone here is near by it's be great to get out in the new truck for a bit of light green laning (whilst we're still aloud to) and another pair of eyes/set of hands is always useful when something starts to rattle or worse suddenly stops rattling!

Here we go again I guess, hope to speak to some of you soon.
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