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New here. Need engine and parts...

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Newbie - replacing engine 2006 CR-V

Kevin in Minneapolis.
Just bought a 2006 CR-V, needs a new engine.
Trying to figure out if way to identify engines visually - some have I-VTEC on valve covers, mine does not. Also, can't find the engine ID number. Thanks, orrenz1917 at g mail
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Kevin in Minneapolis.
Just bought an 06 with 125k miles.
Plan find a good engine and install in Spring.
Am told Japanese engines won't work without their computer.
Told to get UK engine only.
Anyone can confirm?
Also, can'f find the engine number - looks like I'd have to take it apart to find it.
Also, what's with the I-VTEC valve covers? I don't have that. Does it mean Japanese made?
Also, on the hunt for a hardshell spare tire cover - dark gray. Hard to find.
Thanks for now, orrenz1917 at g mail ...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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