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New here & need some CR-V advice.

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May not be a CR-V owner very long though I'd like to be.
Here's the story,
Apologies if its jumbled because its been a rough couple weeks.
I really like Honda and always have.
Ive owned a 99 Civic Ex and an 06 Accord EX-L.
I had the Accord 4 years and put a lot of miles on it, I recently decided its time for a CR-V so I traded the Accord in for a 2010 CR-V EX-L with 130,xxx miles.
All was fine and dandy the first day then a nightmare started. The dealership started giving me the run around saying they'd look into the issue for a 3 days when I called and emailed and said I have a constant creaking noise like bending metal and my mpg is averaging 12.5.
Im not a mechanic, most I can do myself is oil change, spark plugs and brake pads.
Having a little knowledge I assumed its bushings or suspension and as for the mpg maybe the computer wasnt reading right, it was only a few days so maybe it had to adjust to my driving instead of a car lot.
Another day goes by, I told the salesman Im coming in after work. He doesnt reply so I just show up and he says " oh I was just about to message you". Sure... right.. I asked to speak to the manager about this issue and all he does is take notes.
No resolution or service set up. We scheduled a meeting the next day with the used car sales manager who wasnt in.
As soon as I leave the check engine light comes on so I beeline straight back to the dealership and demand it gets checked.
After 3 hours of waiting because the service advisor left for the day without telling me it was done an hour beforehand.
Paperwork said code P0420, Primary catalytic converter not working properly, recommend new one.
I asked about it getting fixed and said this is insane. They said oh you can drive with a bad cat and the emissions arent illegal. Basically saying they wouldnt fix it or get me in a new vehicle.
I left pissed off and spoke to the general manager the following day, he did some "research" and came back with we will drop the cost of the vehicle by $1700 (around what a new cat would cost) as a good will deal. Thats the best they could do apparently. I took that as its all they'd do.
Its been a day since then and I get a call saying my plates are in and I can come get them put on. I called back saying I did not ask for new plates, "I have personalized plates and the salesman knew that I said it multiple times. I NEVER signed for new plates" so tomorrow I get to go deal with this situation at the dreaded Honda dealership across town in a problematic CR-V they won't fix or take back/ exchange.
Is this possibly hopefully just sensors??
Focus is off the creaking in the back and 100% into the Cat and my extreme dislike for this Honda dealership that I loved 4 years ago.
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Sorry to read you are having problems with your CRV. Luckily, my wife's 2014 CRV has been mechanically solid. Hopefully, you did NOT get a bad lemon in the large bunch.

Sounds like your Honda dealership and sales guy need major training sessions on customer service. Not too sure how to fix your computer error code (check engine light) problem.

Good luck and hope Karma becomes positive for you...
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