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New here- thinking about getting a CR-V

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Hi, I am a member of Honda Accord forum for 8 years. My daughter has a 1998 Accord, 250,000 miles, which she also had for 8 years and 100,000 miles.

I am looking for a CR-V for my daughter and saw a 2009 CR-V , $5,400 with 148,000 miles.
I haven't looked at it yet, but was surprised about a few things.

1) It does not have timing belt but uses a steel timing chain?
2) The ad says it is a AWD. Is that common, or is it an option?
3) Do the transmissions and engines typically last 250,000 if taken care of?

Are there any issues that are common with these cars? I am a fairly good mechanic but want to be prepared for any issues or quirks with CR-V's
( I kept my daughter's car running for 8 years. I am giving up now because the crankshaft seal is leaking and it is not worth taking the engine out for repairs).

Any other ideas or suggestions will be appreciated!
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Yes the rear driveshaft can be removed and drive as a front wheel drive. I did it on my 2003 for a few months because a u-joint broke. Helps a bit with fuel mileage.

148k is NOTHING. Transmission will last no problem if the fluid is changed correctly and regularly. That is the most important part, not a trans flush, but have to drain and fill. If the drain plug is removed and a bunch junk comes out with the fluid run the other way as that means it was never done properly. If it comes out just fluid (even if not bright red, as long as it's still obvious its red) then it was cared for and good to go.

My 2003, 244k I think now, still original engine and transmission. Never a lick of issues, I did put a timing chain kit in for piece of mind at 200k

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