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Just saying hi. I've had several Hondas over the years and just purchased my fourth CR-V, a 2019 Silver EX-L. Had a 2007, 2010 and 2012 before. Also currently drive a 2018 Civic EX-T as the CR-V is primarily my wife's car. We traded our 2018 Accord Sport for the CR-V. The Accord was an awesome car with pretty much a perfect interior and dash layout, but this brutal winter we had in February (SE WA state) convinced us that having an AWD vehicle again made sense. I do miss the infotainment of the Accord as it is superior to the CR-V and Civic, but the dash layout and controls are very similar between both our vehicles so it makes it easier to go back and forth between them. Definitely the best CR-V we have had. I'm even considering unlocking my K-tuner from my Civic and seeing what it has to offer on the CR-V (temporarily of course). It made the Civic a beast and it will be interesting to see how it improves the CR-V
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