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New Honda owner asking for advice

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Hi I just bought a new to me 98 CRV. It's a 5spd manual with 160,000. The last owner said it needs an O2 Sensor and there is an exhaust leak in front, which I can smell when driving. It's a small pin hole. Nothing else is wrong with it except passenger window motor looks like it's about to die. It's slow to go down and up. I know I have to change oil and all the filters, the clutch had already been changed. Also my idle speed is about 1500-1700 rpms. This can't be normal right? This is my first Honda so I don't know what is normal for a little engine, I'm use to V8 lol.
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Moved to year correct section which should help you.
No the idle speed shouldn't be that high. Either an idle valve control issue or a vacuum leak.

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There is a way to clean the idle air control valve--mine wasn't idling bad, but when I went to clean it, it was covered in a layer of black. There is probably a tutorial or information in this part of the forum showing how to do it. Might not even help, but is a place to start. And like @Tigris99 says, you may have a vacuum leak in there.
I would have - if you want a freebie - go to an O'Reilly Auto Parts or Autozone and have them put a tester on it (I assume your engine light is on). This should give you a better idea if it's a O2 sensor or possibly just a PO420 code indicating the catalytic converter efficiency is below recommendation.
It's possible just the exhaust leak is causing the engine light to activate and not an O2 sensor issue.
My advice would be to get a system diagnosis and inspection from you mechanic (or find a recommended one in your area) and pay $100 for an computer analysis and a overall look at the vehicle to determine what issues you are having with this newly purchased Honda.
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