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Hi all,

My beloved 12-year-old Nissan X-Trail has now broken the barrier of being worth less than the repair costs, so I've just bought a 2014 EX AWD CR-V.

Initial impressions are that I love the cabin space for the front seats, my 20-year-old kids don't like the firmness of the rear seats or the lack of headroom back there, my Dad finds the headrest on the front seat uncomfortable and bumps him all the time, and we all think the automatic boot opening and closing is a real boon for my arthritic shoulder :)

I'm trying to load up this car with as much tech as I can find, so I've just bought headrests with built-in DVD players, but have no clue where to go to get them fitted properly - if anyone has any recs for anywhere near Slough or near Cardiff, that would be awesome.

I'm also trying to get cushioned seat covers for the rear seats, but the car is in Ivory Leather inside so I really don't want to spoil the clean look - again, any recs gratefully received!

Anyone got any more tech in your own vehicles?

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