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New member, owner of 07' CRV

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We have had our 07' CRV since new in Dec 2007. I plan to ask technical questions, mainly about distance available vs. mileage and fuel gauge.
Hopefully as to why they are not communicating correctly, and if there is a easy owner fix available.
We have had no problems with it other than these gauges. I look for car to last far into the future.
Omaha, NE
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Better off doing the basic calculations. Fill up, reset trip odometer, drive till you need to refuel again and record miles on the trip odometer. Divide gallons used by mileage drive and done.

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Welcome to the forum! Those numbers the computer shows you were not meant to be taken as hard numbers. They are provided to give you a tool to use in gauging the effects of you driving and its immediate results on mpg, if you want to use it to change your driving habits. I played with this for a bit when I got my '07, but I soon learned (not that I didn't already know it) that it did not change my driving habits. I am a leadfoot, period. I actually think the feature is a safety hazard, and should not be there, as it just gives OCD drivers another serious distraction to divert their focus from paying full attention to their driving. The truth is, most people will drive like they are used to driving anyway, and would be well advised to just do that as opposed to being constantly distracted by focusing on what mileage they are getting, which is not going to do you much good after you look down at the display and then plow into the back of the vehicle in front of you. Being a retired truck driver, driver distraction is a pet peeve of mine, after long years of seeing the death and destruction it causes. Just call me sunshine!

I have found over time that the only really accurate way to measure fuel mileage is tracking it manually, with a pad and pencil and calculator at fill-up time. If I had a question about it all it would be this: Why is it that, though the car is computer equipped, it does not have a feature for this purpose? But I already know the answer, too. People don't really want it, they just want a toy to play with. So that's what they give them.
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Thank you for your replies.
I spoke again with my wife since she is the primary driver. She tells me when she fills with gas the gauge at the bottom only shows 2/3s full, but the expected available miles show like it is full. These should talk to one another, maybe they do, it appears to be different languages? That mpg gauge at the top appears to be near but that constantly recalculates the range doesn't it?
We seldom take road trips, so I guess I will continue to watch manually and not trust the gauges completely.
Hmmm. That kind of sounds like it might be possible you have a sticking fuel sending unit. If the tank, when full, shows only 2/3 full, that would be my guess. The problem is that unit is in the top of the gas tank. You could get some troubleshooting done on that. If needed, it's highly recommended to replace the entire unit module, which includes the sending unit, fuel pump, pressure regulator, filter, etc. This requires dropping the fuel tank. Here's the parts breakdown:

I did this job, by myself, in my garage, on my '91 Civic wagon. It took a whole day, and was lots and lots of fun. The fuel pump was going out.

Or, if there are no other issues, you could just live with it, for a while, anyway. Assuming it turns out that that is the issue. Good luck, and let us know how it works out.
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