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New Member, Service mystery questions!

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Hi there,
Ive been using this forum for advice for the last few year, but decided to actually join for my new Gen 1, this is now my 6th CR-V... lol
Just picked up a clean title 97 CRV EX, with 120,xxx km for 2700$. Second owner vehicle. It was Honda serviced from 97-07. The maintenance log in the manual has the stamps to prove it! However, next to the stamp it has some writing, it says Diff, Coolant, Fuel Filter and LoF. What does LoF mean?? any ideas?...
Also, Hate to be "that Guy" but does Honda from the factory add the white paint to the TDC marks? Or is that indication that its been marked by a mechanic changing the T-Belt... My thought being it might have been done by Honda after going over the 8 year mark.


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Would LOF be "Last of Free" Service's under the Warranty?
Just guessing, I have no idea what the USA Warranty period is.
Also have the Separate warranty guide paperwork, Says 5 years, 100,xxx KM for major components...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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