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new member with gear shift problem

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Im a new member to this forum. I just bought a 2017 Honda CRV under 10000 miles not a mark on it. While trying to pull out of a parking spot utilizing a 3pt turn, going from reverse to drive the button on the gear shift popped out spring and all, it flew under the front seat causing me to get stuck in neutral. I was so stunned, my car rolled slightly forward because I was on a slight incline, and hit a building corner causing bumper damage. Car stuck, could not get out of neutral, could not even turn car off. When I finally got to Honda Dealership manager said this was a common problem with Honda. He said I was the third one fixed that day. I said there should be a recall on it and he agreed. Looked online and found lots of the same problem happening. I feel Honda should fix my bumper and do a recall on this issue. I could of rolled into a child instead of a wall. When this happened a week ago I notified Honda. They said not to call my insurance letting me think they would fix it. Now I get a call saying to notify ins. and I guess they will have to fight it out. This absolutely should be a recall.
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The little button is an easy fix for the dealer and they will do it N/C.

You can always threaten/try Small Claims Court for the damage...

I doubt your local dealer can do anything for you - it's a Honda corporate issue.

Contact them, be polite and ask for assistance...and be persistent.

Good luck to you!
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