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Hi Hello everybody
Im a new member I disnt know where to post this question I have
I just picked up a 2011 crv from craiglist

It runs pretty good after getting home I opened the hood again and started to check the engine again
And I noticed a ground cable that is disconected
I didnt notice it when I inspected it before I bought it
Can anybody tell me where does this cable goes conectes to?
The end that is conected is conected behind the left side (pasengrr side) engine mount
I dont know where the other end goes conected to

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X2 on the picture...

If you have a multimeter, check for less than one ohm from the ' - ' terminal of the battery to various points. The engine, transmission, and valve cover are important.

Some Tuners have 'upgrade' kits that improves grounding. Good grounds ensure proper signals and responses from the various sensors to the ECU.

Not your year, but here's a recent instance where a poor ground caused some issues.
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