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At 50K I did it the traditional way, drain out 2.6 -2.7 qts. and refill x 4. Apparently this results in about 90% new fluid.

I just finished doing it again at 100K with a variation. To more easily access the drain plug I drove the left front wheel up onto a 7" Rhino Ramp which resulted in 4 full quarts draining out of a hot tranny. I can only assume the geometry is different and lets more out. I drain into a spouted oil change pan and after it was done dripping I poured it into 4 one liter soda bottles to measure the amount, exactly 4!

I refilled, checked the level, drove for a couple days, checked the fill again (it was right where it should be) and repeated the process, I was using 1 gal. bottles of Max Life which were purchased at Walmart for about $17 each.

I repeated this process one more time for a total of three times. the second and third times I now filled the saved empty galloon bottle to fill with dirty fluid just to confirm I was still draining 4qts., also made disposal easier.

The 4wd tranny capacity is listed at 7.6 qts., I was replacing 4 qts. each time. I'm too lazy to do the math but if the tranny held 8 qts. and I was replacing 50% each time after 3 times I would be at 87.5%. Since the tranny is less than 8 qts. I was replacing more than 50% so I figure the final mix after 3x is closer to 92% new.

So, one less drain fill for the same effective ratio at the end.

I'm now just going to do 1 gal every 15K or third oil change. I keep the last empty gallon bottle to verify how much I am draining. And a new crush washer....

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