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is -18 wheel offset ok on these?

Hey all- first post. I just purchased a 2000 Honda CRV. I live in the city, and I didn't even want to buy a car (parking here is a pain), but I had to. First time Honda owner, but they have a good rep.

Now that I own it, I want to add something that makes my CRV seem like it's "mine". Right now it feels a bit bland, and I want to make my mark on it. So I'm thinking a nice new set of wheels would change the character of it to something more exciting.

Now I'm obsessively doing research over what is possible. 10 minutes ago I had no idea what offset even was. But I saw these black "fuel revolver" rims online and they look perfect, I'd like to pair them with the most aggressive AT tire I can fit without rubbing. But the MFG website says they have -18 offset, and I have no idea if that's ok.

Please advise!

I can't link to the rims because it is my first post, please just search "fuel revolver wheels" and you'll get the idea.
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