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New owner 2018 CR-V AWD Touring replacing rear differential fluid schedule?

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Maybe it is getting use to this Maintenance Minder but it has yet to go off or signal me on anything. I took it in for it's last freebie oil change at 15,400 miles and they deemed that according to the maintenance schedule it was due for a rear differential fluid change at 16K so go ahead??? They wrote it down that I have it changed at 16K, 45K, 75K, and 105K OR EVERY 3 YRS, and so on. To the tune of $118.00. Said it was according to the maintenance schedule (which I have yet to find or so I can print out). Well I have looked at this BS Maintenance Minder Service Codes on page 142 in the owners guide and I see nothing about when to have that service. Call me old fashion, but I am use to a maintenance schedule that tells me to do this and that at this mileage interval and I follow it religiously because I average 800-1200 miles per week with my work, all of the mileage is 90% highway miles, averaging 70 mph. So I take care of my vehicles and generally buy new at the 250K+ mark with nothing but standard maintenance. They told me that my trans fluid should be changed every 3 years or at 30, 60, 90K and so on at the same kind of cost. :jawdrop: Now if they can take there "Quality Inspection Report" and write on it all of this info....where did they get that from so it could easily be printed off for me? I got blind sided by that huge charge for no more than a 15 minute job tops. Have done it before. Is there anyplace I can go to print off an actual maintenance service schedule? Now that I am up in age, 66, I have no place to do these changes myself and so I pay to have it done. Little help? Many thanks !! :)
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The rear diff oil is changed at 15K then every 30K after that.

We have 14,300 on our '18 and the MM shows that the A 1 6 is coming up.

Hopefully you have an owners manual, if not it's available for free for six months from Honda.

Good luck to you.
Thank you very much for your response RockyMtnCRV. I will go down to the dealership and get them to instruct me in the operation of the Maintenance Minder and how to read it even though I would prefer the old fashioned way, a book. It is not just Honda, but my biggest beef with these so called smart cars and their advantages, was well intended, but as it is with much of technology, it dumbs down people. I want to have complete control over my car and the only thing I want to be able to do is set my cruise control and that is all. I guess like Stevie Winwood wrote in that song, "You got to roll with the changes". I need to roll. :) Some are welcome some are not. I thank you for your input. I am not certain how many more years I will work but as you read I log some miles so reliability is a must, I love my work and making a difference so in no hurry to retire. Our family car pool choices consists of Honda, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota and all have proven to be faithful steads. Once again thank you friend.
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If you press the menu button on the steering wheel, then follow the display, including scrolling down, it all becomes clear.

New owners can order from Honda a paper manual. Or download the fill manual. Honda also has many good educational videos on line.
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