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Hey everyone. My name is Sean and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Portland. Oregon!! I recently picked up a 1999 NBP CR-V 5Spd with 177k miles. It's had a ton of major work done recently including: a resurfaced & rebuilt head, new valves, all new hoses, seals, gaskets, timing belt/water pump, rear trailing arm bushings, motor mounts, ac compressor, rear trailing arm bushings, shocks and struts, springs, radiator, tstat, plugs, wires, and probably more that I am forgetting. The car is just rock solid!

I have added General Grabber AT2 215/25/15 tires and Sensen Quick Struts, front sway bar bushings & also front and rear swaybar endlinks. I did a quick detail on her but am planning on wet sanding and polishing the entire thing to prep for a permanent coating. I have 2 leaky CV boots and a shudder in 2nd, so I am picking up new axles tomorrow. They are aftermarket but do have a lifetime warranty. I am crossing my fingers that they dont bite the dust on me.

Can anyone confirm the axle nut size is 36mm for our cars? Although I have never done axles, I have done of ton of suspension work and from what I saw, it doesn't seem too hard at all for the drivers side but what about the passenger since its the trans side? Any different or any other special tools or parts needed for it? I am also picking up new control arms with ball joints, so that will be nice. Install seems fairly straightforward there also?

Future plans:
-Factory rack
-Roof Basket w/LED Light bar
-Rear spacers to remove sag
-Drivers and passenger armrests
-Wheel spacers
-Paint wheels gunmetal or bronze
-Paint or heat all plastic trim to look new
-HID projector retrofit headlights
-Remove old tint and re-tint
-Repaint valve cover
-Some kind of weighted shift knob
-Turbo (this is highly unlikely but I may pursue if it can be done fairly reasonably)

Looks like I cant throw up photos until I have 5 posts so TBD lol. Appreciate any help with the axle DIY guys!


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That thing is in great shape. I look forward to following your build.
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