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Hi, all. I have not been in a dealership for a car since my first and last new car back in 1979 (a Rabbit Diesel, the first 5-speed in the US, I was told). Went for a Certified, one-owner, personal-leased white EX-L with 28K on her. This replaces a 2001 XC70, so a different car for me. Some questions:

-- The oil dipstick is worn, almost rusted, about 4 inches down from the handle, for about 1 1/2 inches...I will get dealer to replace, but anyone seen this?
-- I have two freebie oil changes, will do my own after that. Any noob tips beyond what I will find in the forum?
-- Should the CVT seem to 'drag' on off-throttle coasting? Revs are below 1,000, mpg is almost 30, so is this just what my first CVT should feel like?
-- At 30K, has anyone swapped out coolant or trans fluid? Anyone seen a need for brake fluid swap before Honda interval?
-- Auto Mate remote starter cuts off when opening door; has anyone done a 'take-over' coding?
-- Winter tire/wheel recommendations? Have a garage, so room to store is not an issue, but NJ does not get a ton of snow.
-- Seems loud on concrete roads at speed (the Palisades Interstate Parkway, 60 mph) Is this just what a Civic-chassis $25K car will sound like?
-- Have rails, will buy aftermarket cross bars for kayaks. Recommendations?
-- Will throw hitch on for bicycle rack, have a 2" Thule rack now; another 2" receiver, or go smaller? 2 or 3 bikes max.
-- Any questions I don't even know I should be asking?

Thanks all; I learned how valuable the community can be while keeping a used Volvo on the road for 200K miles. I look forward to your advice and, perhaps eventually, sharing my own here. Cheers, Jim

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- Dealer will replace the dip stick
-- Go get the free oil changes & then install a fumoto oil drain valve & bulk buy washers filters etc
-- CVT Isnt as smooth depending what you are coming from, those that owned early cvt think current hondas are butter
-- you can find service calendar online but if dealer cant pull history make rear diff and the mentioned ones to have a baseline
-- automate ... no idea
-- we r in nj and i run standard all seasons, if i needed winters id go blizzak.
-- sound is probably the tires (especially if they are still the oems)
-- theres a kayak post in here if you search
-- check out etrailer kits
-- no enjoy it
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