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Hi everyone, I'm super glad to join this awesome community. My first post is unfortunately a question about a situation with my brand new tires on a CPO 2019 CRV LX AWD. So a few days ago my tire front tire picked up a nail in in the tread area and it hadn't been leaking at all. So I ended up dropping my car off at a local tire/mech shop to get the wheel patched and plugged. After I got my car back I decided to inspect the work and the shop ended up plugging the tire to which the shop insisted it was fine. From quite a bit of reading on the internet I realized that plugging a tire is not the correct way of repairing the tire. I also learned that many shops will not correctly patch a tire after it has been plugged. So now I am in this dilemma where I have a brand new tire with 2,500 miles on it that I may have to end up replacing after I get a second opinion from a few local shops. Now my question is, can I replace one tire and call it a day? Of course it will be the same brand and model but I heard that an OEM tire is not the same as an aftermarket tire and therefore it will not wear the same. Is this true? I have a Bridgestone ecopia tire that the dealer installed when making it certified pre owned. Can I replace this with the same bridgestone ecopia model from say Tirerack, Costco, or Amazon? I'm worried about damaging the AWD system in the long run if they wear differently. Thank you in advance for any help!
Here's what I do if I was in the position. Get a plug thread and use some cement glue they use to glue tired patches and poor on the thread and push it through the hole assuming you took the nail out first and then pull it back out and it should plug the hole. Just pushing the thread through will not seal the hole but the patch cement glue will help seal any holes permanently from leaking. This is from experience just the plug without any patch cement will not seal it. And then you can save money up for a actual tire replacement for all 4 down the road when you get the time and money for it. But if it's AWD don't replace one it has to be all 4 for equal wear and grip and stability-FWD you can get away with just the fronts since those are the one spinning only.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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