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New to CR-V Community & Queastions

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Hello All,

I am new to the CR-V community. I bought a 2016 recently after my Accord was totaled in an accident.

I love the CR-V, but I am having issues getting the HondaLink connected. Suggestions?

Also, what are your favorite accessories or add ons for your CR-V?

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Hi Nicole. Welcome.

I cannot help you with Hondalink configuration. I'm technology challenged (LOL).

For a few mods, some folks have mentioned:
- Replace small donut spare tire with real size spare tire.
- Replace from "too dim" H4 halogen light bulbs with something different. Like HIDs or LEDs.
- Install a class III trailer hitch. Even if you don't tow things, this can be used to mount T-Bar to transport peddle bikes and also be used to tow you out of ditches. In my Deep Snow north region, over 90% vehicles have tow hitches - and used as safer recovery connect point. Perhaps your CRV might need ditch recovery connect point as well?
- Install those plastic rain deflector 3-M stick ons on the front windows only. Thus, allow the front windows to be down 1" while parked. Especially during extreme hot summer months. If wondering, all my vehicles have this mod.
- For my wife's 2014 CR-V, I'm currently looking at 20mm or 30mm lift kit. This will allow vehicle to be lifted .78 to 1.25" - due to my deeper snow region. Was told up to 30mm (1.25" lift) can be done on factory suspension using spacer blocks. Good upgrade for my 2014 - which has add-on running boards as well.
- Really good floor matts and rear cargo areas matts. Being pre-owned, your 2016 might already come with great floor matts.
- If you need it, install front RAM bar (to protect its front bumper). My wife's 2014 CRV has ram bar. See below for picture.

Hope these ideas help. And again, welcome...


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Welcome to the forum! I hope you are enjoying that fine new ride! I highly recommend a dash cam, for insurance and safety purposes. It will back up your side of the story in an incident.
Great ideas! That hitch idea is next on my list!
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