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New to crv

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Hey all i am new to the forum. I have a 2010 Crv jdm spec. Any tips for an improved ownership.

Also, i want to change the factory internavi head unit. What's the best replacement that will allow me to keep the factory rearview camera and connect to stock usb outlet.

Thanks in advance.


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Welcome to the forum. That's a good looking V!
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Welcome! Any double DIN head unit will fit. All the mid to upper end brand name units will allow retention of all the factory connections. Some things require adaptor kits. I prefer Kenwood.

Nice ride! I like your wheels - we can't get those here. You also likely have some other options we don't, like mirror turn signal lights, etc.
thanks much....yes it has turn signals in the mirror
I love that and wish we had that here. And I don't understand why we don't even get the option. Aargh!
hi, where are you from?
St. Kitts, Caribbean
Has anyone updated their rear camera and Audio deck, but keeping the stock look
Welcome to the forum. That's a good looking V!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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