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Long time truck guy here. Im new to Honda and the CRV. I bought a used 2011 CRV EX-L 4WD with 112k miles on it. now im at around 130k

Question is, what type of sparks plugs, fluids and filters are due at a tune up on this as i have no owners manual and the internet tells me 100 different things, so figured this would be the best route. I want everything OEM or better if possible, Im a Heavy Duty Diesel Tech so i have the tooling for it and can do all work myself.

I figure the basics such as:
Spark Plugs
Air Filter
Ignition Coils
Fuel Filter
Trans Filter and oil or is that drop the pan ordeal

What all or what is everything can change as i do not have any previous history on this CRV. Thanks a ton guys.

Please include brand and weight specifics for parts and lubes and OEM or equivalent.
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