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I purchased my 2001 ES 5MT V a week ago, had the clutch master fail on day 3, called the dealer..... however, she runs well, shifts well and is about to get better.

Parts in my garage, waiting to be bolted up:

OME Springs, Kyb shocks, Energy Suspension bushing full kit, 17x8 Motegi Racing MR127 Satin Black Wheels, 225/60 VR17 Michelin Crossclimate+ tires, 1.25in spacers, (final offset +8), Ken-wood deck and instillation kit, full tuneup and oil change, new clutch master and slave, adjustable blinker switch for leds that came in turn signals, class II hitch and wiring, all engine and transmission mounts, a '08 element differential ($200 used), tire cover, diff and tranny fluid, seafoam upper engine cleaner, floor mats, cargo liner, winter tiresox,

i will post before and after's of this stage. i am planning a 9psi supercharger 1.8 build, custom front and rear bumpers, safari rack to hammock camp from, projector conversion, led aux lights french'd into the bumpers rock guards, plates and rock lights. i love overkill... considering a winch, but if i am that far i am SHOL, open diffs are only so good, trying to find a way to put LSD front and rear.... i know lockers are out of the question.

love the group so far, i have learned it all from reading here. thank you all so much for posting the good stuff, i will try to do the same as i can. i am looking for some bolt in seats and have not found a list of possible candidates, pull rails and bolt new seat kinda thing, power and super comfy would rock. odesy, i read but nothing i could sink my teeth into./
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