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Appreciate being part of a group of CRV Owners.

My initial Honda experience involved occasionally borrowing my late sister's mid-70s Civic. Very different driving experience for the time!!

Over several decades, starting with a 1980 Civic SW I have owned five different Honda vehicles. A two door Civic acquired in the 90s was joined with a CRV in 1999. Another Civic followed in 2013; that vehicle was sent to my son's family in late 2019 to accommodate new young drivers (aka grandkids) in need of reliable transportation.

Our current model is a 2020 CRV; I have a head-scratcher of a problem that I will post separately. A circumstance not experienced across the decades and hundreds of thousands of miles of driving Hondas.

I will close with appreciation to the Hosts and sharing members.
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Hello and welcome along :)
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