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New to the world of CR-V

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Just got my first Honda and i guess import. Been very interested in one of these since i saw one kicking but on a trail. So i got this one after my car caught on fire. It has 314,000 mile on it and it needs a shift solenoid and a trans flush put she runs great. The guy i bought it from got it new and kept a very precise record of it. I hope to get it trail ready by early to mid summer. I'll be asking alot of questions in the near future.


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Welcome to the forum. I’m looking forward to reading about your progress.

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So im wanting to put on a Rocky road outfitters lift kit on with some 225/70 R15 tires on. Would it be best to go ahead and put on some better control arms. If so what is recommended or a good brand to look at?
Please can you post sharper high res pics of that beast!?

You say the owner really looked after it, is it still minty despite the high mileage?

From what I can see it looks good in pics.
Looks like mine, but mine is a rust bucket. I just purchased for $1K. 234500 miles 2001 CrV. So many things are broken in it. AC, driver window, I think something is wrong with the temp. It gets hot then is okay. So nice if it is the gauge or the radiator. I had a 2011 explorer but it died, so I picked up this cheap guy. Basically something to haul my kayaks on the roof. to and from the river. I do not trust it to go farther. I really do not want to sink more cash into it, cuz it's so rusty.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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