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hi guys just finished fixing up my second crv
1st one was for the wife got a 2001 auto for her and she loves it ,this one was a side swiped, repairable write off i got for $2050 had 153,000ks and was a one owner and he did look after her well just too dame expensive to fix so i got her and
$2000 later shes on the road againand looking very good .
my second crv is a 2000 sports manual with 147000ks and was also a write off hit in the bum for $1500 ,not as good as the wifes in conditon as it was a family car with 2 kids and those kids seats leave a mark on the seats not to mention all the dirt and crap they leave in cars ,tail gate and window stuffed but a good hunt and i found a second hand one at the wreckers for $100 same colour and a bit of perswaytion to fit ,changed the rear engine mount and a few bits and pieces and she also on the road again ,i must admit i love these cr-v there fun to drive and for a small suv they have heaps of room, i always had big cars, i get car sick to easy in small ones and this is the best of both worlds .
so the reason for using this forum is to exchange tips and how to do or where to get , having used a car forum for my wifes vectra i found it realy good i hope all you out their are like minded
have a good one:)
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