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I received a notification in my Honda’s account.

A message appears and say that I have to contact my dealer for and update or a recall. But no more details.
Amd it’s not the N60 fix beacause I can see that it’s already done in my account.

Somekne else has the same message?

Do you know what is the fix?
I had fix done on Oct 22 last year and just received same one in my account? way i want them touching this thing again
I Think it’s not the same fix.

We can see all the fix: the new and the past fix. If you check for the N60 fix, you can see the month and the year. For me I see 11/ it confirm it’s already done. In your case probably yoy see 10/2018.
What is the Account of which you speak?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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