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I have a 2003 honda crv-lx, and it has about 157,000 approx on it.. I had no problems with the car until last year when I took it in for oil change prior to inspections and then local honda dealer for airbag recall replacement.

since then my car started going insane!!!!

I just took after a year of the emissions light on to an exhaust speciality shop.. (I have taken and had many print outs done and none of the codes are making sense...)

the last result was a bunch of codes but the guy thought the p0340 camshaft position sensor might resolve a lot of the other codes. I do know from prior owner that oxygen sensors have been replaced twice but not sure if they were uptake or the downside... I'm going to try to attach the codes from the shop. I just ordered a camshaft position sensor from a site that was like $15.00 when all the other places had it for like $80.

I'm a single disabled mom, with a son going through some medical issues as well... I'm in a nasty custody battle with a guy with lots of money but won't help out in anyway and has managed to cut our money even more and I don't have any side mechanics where I'm located. If anyone has a clue to help me get this solved, I don't even know what I'm looking at cost wise to fix, and inspections, registration, taxes and insurance are all due at the same time so I'm pressed for time... I'm hoping that the camshaft position sensor is in an area I can get to and possibly do by myself because at this point I don't have the money to do anything else and think I need brakes on the car as well... Any advice is appreciated



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