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Hey CR-V OC,

Just bought my 2015 CR-V last Sunday, then Monday my first child was born, which was the reason for getting a bigger car. It is Urban Titanium in color and LX trim. I traded in my 2007 Civic Coupe (LX, 5-speed). Before that I had a couple Ford Rangers which I modified somewhat (lifted, stereo systems, exhausts, minor other electric upgrades and additional/upgraded lighting). Before that I rocked an awesome 97 Ford Aerostar and my first car was an 82 GMC Caballero (El Camino). I will probably get some tint done in the near future and probably upgrade the ridiculous sounding horn. I saw that College Hills Honda online had an easy swap, so will look to find some sound clips for comparison. Maybe some all weather mats. Would love to upgrade the headlights, but at $600 a little too pricey. Will also look to get a hitch installed soon for my bikes (road and mountain).

Hope to learn some more from everyone on the board!


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