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Newbie Question re: Hood Air Deflector

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Today I ordered a 2022 CR-V EX replacing my 1998 CR-V LX.
I'm thinking of getting the Honda Hood Air Defector and I was wondering if they really work?

Thanks for any info!

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I'm new here too, with a 2022 EX. I've read many comments about how the deflector protects the hood and the windshield. Now here is where I'm looking for more input from you all. I noted that the Auto Ventshield AVS 20634 was excellent. I also noted a comment about getting the official Honda version. It took a while to find it, but it leaves me a bit concerned. The Honda uses brackets bolted below the hood and is rathe invasive of the rubber bolding around the hood, and that concerns me. There is a product by AVS that is secured only by glue along the top edge of the hood, but this really sound awful. I'm looking at the AVS 20634 Which actually bolts (plastic) under the hood and rather held it there. I don't mind spending the money for the Honda, but I like the plastic screws/bolts of the AVS 20634. Admitting I am new here, and to Honda CRV, so I welcome any and all thoughts from you vintage folks. Here is my advance Thank You.
And it has no signs of coming lose? Even after washing your CRV?
@Elliott937 nope. even take it through car wash every couple months.

Per the great advice of so many of you, I've ordered the 20634 from Amazon, and due to arrive this coming Wednesday. Now here is my question. I've watched a number of videos, some on Youtube and some from Amazon. And the video for this deflector said to totally remove all the rubber that is currently attached to the bottom side of the hood. One said to discard the old rubber. Really?? I'd expect the rubber to help keep the hood from rattling on the car body. Your reactions please?
The reviews I've read said that the AVS comes with no instructions. So that leaves the door open for doing what makes sense ... but NOT to remove the current rubber and tossing it in the trash. I want my 2022 to continue moving without rattling sounds.
Thank you for the link for instructions. Mine is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. I can't wait.
Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that mine will attach without major difficulties. According to UPS, it will arrive tomorrow. If you'd like, I'll let you know how this turn out.
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Medic345, I think the reviews may have been correct. I've received my 20634 today, and try as I might, the plastic fasteners are too long, so with a phillips screwdriver, the screw would never tighten up. In fact, the deflector seemed to only attach itself to the rubber that is attached to the hood. I plan to box mine up and return it.

I'm also curious, does one of these really seriously protect the hood/windshield when you live in a city/county with no roads other than concrete and asphalt?
Well, I learned this afternoon that the screws fastened only to the rubber molding attached to the hood. That was it. I don't have any confidence if that is all that is holding the deflector in place.
It all sounds good, but it sure doesn't work out that way on my 2022 CRV.
I'm done. I've already looked at the Honda product, and there is so much hardware, some of it "stuck" to the hood, I think that is a long term accident waiting to happen. So I'm giving up on this, and I definitely would not buy one that you simply use double stick tape to 'glue' it to your hood. I primarily drive 15 miles one way to go teach, and that's pretty much it. I suspect I can do without.
Okay, I'm going to give it one more try. Question to you experts: I tried to attach the AVS 20634 from Amazon. Of the four mounting holes, I was able to attach the two extreme ones to the hood, but the best I could do with the middle ones was to (not intentional) attach the two center ones to the rubber that is attached to the hood. Will that be adaquate in the long run? I plan to keep this CRV for a very long time. Thanks
Here's the final installment, from me, although I'll still read experiences by others. With the help of a very good friend who owns a hardware store, the deflector is no installed. He decided to not going under the rubber on the two middle holes. And for those two, as well as the two far-end holes, he "custom cut" his black-friction males so that the would fit and not be too long. It is ALL in and finished.

I thank you for the encouragement to stick to it, and now I look forward to see if the 'scooping effect' will save me from bugs and small rocks.

On Friday I plan to install Weathertech Sun Roof Deflector. Then I will be nearly complete with all the add-ons for my 2022 CRV.
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It was a struggle, and with the help of a friend of mine (who runs a hardware store) we got it installed. I'm happy with it, been on for more than a year, and very stable.
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