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NHTSA Manufacturer Communications

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Has anyone else noticed the number of versions of TSB 18-114 that appear on the NHTSA Manufacturer Communications thread?
Version 1 released October 22, 2018
Version 2 released December 7, 2018
Version 3 released January 12, 2019
Version 4 released February 1, 2019
Version 7 released March 5, 2019 – Has gotten a whole lot more complicated and mentions TSB 19-026

Then there are the number of versions of TSB 18-147 which calls for performing TSB 18-114.
Version 1 released December 19, 2018 – Spark Plugs, 7 pages long
Version 2 released January 11, 2019 – Spark Plugs, 7 pages long
Version 3 released February 15, 2018 – Spark Plugs and Camshafts, 19 pages long

There is also TSB 19-025 Version 1 released March 1, 2019 – Pretty much the same as TSB 18-114 Version 1
There is also TSB 19-026 Version 1 released March 5, 2019 – Pretty much the same as TSB 18-114 Version 1 for NON cold states

And of course TSB 19-019 Version 1 released February 21, 2019 – Worn cam chain tensioner for many Hondas

What should I make of this overwhelming number of TSB versions?

Sure a couple of them are lowering labor time allowed and/or eliminating parts but is that a plus for the anyone other than American Honda.
But one of them appears to be fixing a prior version.

I don’t know whether to feel good because Honda is still attempting to fix their problem.
Or, if I should feel like an unwilling participant in a Honda Beta Test!
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It is good because you can see Honda trying to fix the engines of the CR-v's. I'm currious about version 7 of 18-114
That's why I got rid of my 2017 Touring. Got tired of being a Beta Tester for Honda. The dealer was 70 miles from home and I put more miles driving back and forth and they never fixed the several problems with is Turkey :=(
My 2017 has no oil or heating issues. Got the #18-114 bulletin but wonder if I should have it serviced. What do others think?
I think you should get it done. Warranty issues. I am having it done on Thursday. I also have had no issues with either heat or OD.
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