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no GPS signal after installing amp and new speakers

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Hello there.

I recently had a new sound system installed (amp, speakers and sub connected to the original head unit). A couple of days later I noticed that the navigation system has no signal and the clock is showing the wrong time.
Of course I have the suspicion that something went wrong during the installation, however wanted to see if other people may have had similar experience with missing GPS signal so that I can better pinpoint the issue when returning to the shop.

I know that the ANC module was disconnected as part of the audio upgrade as it was causing distortion to the new system, however I don't think this would have an impact on the GPS?
May be a loose cable? Is the GPS antenna located near the windscreen?

Thank you for your help.
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The GPS antenna/receiver is located below what looks like a speaker grill on the top center dash and plugs into the back of the audio unit.
Thank you - this is most helpful. I checked the back of the head unit but could not see any unplugged cables. Would be useful to have a layout of the back of the audio unit to make sure it was rewired correctly...
Funny thing is that the Garmin Navigator does recognize when the car is moving... it just places me in the wrong location (20 km away...). The clock is also way out... I wonder is something went wrong when the battery was disconnected.
Yes, you are right. Will do and let you guys know what it ended up being. Thank you.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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