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Hello this is an updated post originally from prhonda who found a simple fix for heater not working. The original post is from a few years ago and no longer able to be updated. Thanks to prhonda for the clever detective work. Just did his fix on my 2011 CRV and worked like a have heat!! no cost fix!!

Here is a recap of what he discovered an how I fixed mine. Hope this helps others.

Symptom: when i turned on my heat and turned the temperature dial to heat. only cold air.

Diagnosis: first check to make sure hot water is going into the car and the under dash heating coil. Easily done by warming up car , set to heat, and feeling hoses going into and out of firewall. If both hot then coil not blocked and thermostat is opening properly. If one hot and one cold...then you likely have one of those two issues.

I did not have that problem so knew it was inside the car. Specifically mine was the heater control knob motor not working.

Solution to try first that worked for me and others per prior post:
Simply unplug the connector to the heater control knob and plug back in...........that fixed it!! The difficult part is contorting your body and arm laying in driver side wheel well to be able to grab the end of the wire with the connector to the knob to disconnect and reconnect it.
Expert TIP: Per the photo you can see both ends of this connection. The bright green end is at the knob and difficult to get to for a disconnect and reconnect. Instead the other end of the connector that goes into a control module (the gray connector at the top of the photo with two small wires coming out of it) is more accessible and the one to disconnect and reconnect. There is a little tab on top of it to push down with your finger then just pull it out and push right back in, just need to back it out a little to disconnect. Just have to work your arm into that space to do it. Note you should also push the green end in if the gray disconnect/reconnect doesnt work. That can be done ..just not easy to disconnect green too deep in the space. Good luck!

As this is Thanksgiving day I am thankful to prhonda and all others for this tip! Happy Thanksgiving!!
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for the great fix idea!!

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