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Hi guys,
I have a 2004 EX 4WD and the heat isnt working. It almost overheated one day so I changed the thermostat. Overheating problem solved. Filled it up with new coolant, burped the system, and still no heat. I know there is a flap up inside the dash, I have located the flaps that control the floor/defrost mix, as well as the flap that controls the recirculation. The control valve on the outside at the firewall works, but I can't seem to find the heat/air mix flap. Does anyone know where this is?

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Just asking (because this happens, commonly) are you sure you got all the air out of the heater core?

If the heat worked before the t-stat was changed, I'd try to burp it again.

Because the weather is cold, you may need to do it this way:

1. Turn the heat control to HOT.

2. loosen rad cap (cold)

3. Run engine for 15 - 20 minutes. If you can, keep revs at 2000 - 3000.

4. Shut off engine. Let sit for 15 minutes. (This ensures that the t-stat opens)

5. Fill rad (NOT reservoir) if necessary.

6. Repeat steps 2 - 3 (or until radiator fans turn on, if it's warm enough)

PS: If the coolant in the rad is low (more than an inch below the neck, cold) you should consider replacing the pressure cap.

The higher RPMs are necessary to eliminate air bubbles. In fact, after you try this, do a couple drives and rev the engine to at least 4000 (hold it in gear).
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