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Just a quick recommendation of the dealer I purchased my new CR-V EX-L from.
Anderson Honda in Palo Alto has the absolute Best Prices on New Honda Vehicles, hands down.

As a veteran of 15 years in the Auto Retail business in Sales and Management, and 6 years Honda experience I have to say this place has a great staff, low price locked up, selling at dealer cost etc. Frankly I am mystified about their prices, when I was with Honda, we typically held a fair amount of front end gross profit, so how Anderson makes money is a mystery. But that isn't my problem, it's theirs.

Also great sales person I worked with on my '16 Cr-V purchase, Les St. Clair, retired CHP Officer, and all around good guy.

If you are anywhere within 200 miles of Palo Alto, you would do well to give them a visit.
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