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Can't find any current posts on this question, only very old ones. But I want to get a OBD Code Reader and was wondering if anyone with experience using one has suggestions on what to get that's right for Honda vehicles. What "ve seen online and on Amazon, all have widely varying claims about how good they are. I've never used one, but figure I can learn. Thanks.

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This very much depends on how much you want to spend, and what type you prefer (wired or wireless) and if you only need basic code reads, or you want to see the more complex Honda specific codes.

Personally, I went with BlueDriver, because it has a very good reputation in the market, is wireless and connects via an app in your phone or tablet, and it is able to present a wide range of advanced Honda Specific code readouts. They also provide a very robust database of "causes" to check for each code.

As long as your Honda is 2003 or newer, it should do the trick... but it is on the pricier side at $99.

If all you want is basic plug in wired code readout capability.. there is a wide range of low cost choices on Amazon and a careful read through on customer reviews will alert you to any common problems or shortfalls so you can decide if they need to be avoided in your case.
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