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OEM Honda parts online

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I've heard you can buy OEM Honda parts online for less than what the dealer's charge. When I search the internet there are so many options and I'm not sure which ones are legit. Can anyone recommend a good website for OEM parts? Thanks
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This is where I usually order. Don’t know if you’re in Canada or not though as it’s a Canadian site. I think they ship to the US.

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I've used a bunch thru the years … Honda's eStore, HondaPartsNow, Honda Parts Guy, Bernardi Parts, College Hills, H&A Honda Accessories, and Amazon among others. Google them. Lately I've been ordering from just and Amazon. I own 3 Hondas. Every time I need to stock up on parts, I create an excel file to compare what is available at what price from the various sites I research. Often times shipping tips the scale significantly to one source over the other. Honda's eStore is notoriously expensive IMHO, but it is an excellent source of authentic part numbers for your particular vehicle, and I have often printed off their parts diagrams and prices to show my local dealer what I need and to get them to lower their MSRP+ price when I need something now and can not wait on an online order. Otherwise I have found thru the years that ordering online saves me 20 -50% (even after shipping) versus buying from the local dealer .. and not just with Honda, but Toyota and Nissan as well.

Thanks for the link. I've added that to my favorites
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Thanks! Also really appreciate the tip on asking my local dealer to price match when I need something fast. That's a great idea.

Thanks again
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